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Who is nummer34 ?


Ed van Glabbeek is the designer and maker of all articles and your contact person.

Which means .... 


"One piece only":
This article is available immediately .
There is only one existing copy available .
"On request reproduction":
This article was created from parts that may still be in stock .
Probably it is not exactly the same, but similar parts .
"Inquire for stock":
This article is regularly made .
A stock may be or to be made upon request .
Nummer 34 has no true readymade articles that are purchased at wholesale, so it may require a waiting period for delivery .
"Not Available":
It is an article which is single and is already sold.
This article can not be reproduced because it is made of parts that happen to have formed this unique article.
"Handmade" :
Each article has its own character .
That is to say that they may have slight differences from each other .

And how does it work ?


The workshop makes items witch are offered on the website.

An order is not carried o  ut as a web shop with a shopping cart.

The order will be made by sending an email.

This will be further dealt with a personal reply.

Unfortunately, Nummer34 has no real store to enter, only the website . 

Copyright : 

All images on this website are not allowed for reuse  without explicit permission of the author . 

Usually no problem though . 

Right of withdrawal : 

You have the right to cancel your order until 14 days after receipt of your order without giving a reason. You will then be credited the full amount . 

The return costs of you are home to the shop for their own account . 

If you use your right of withdrawal, will the product with all accessories and if reasonably possible to its original condition and packaging are returned . 

To make use of this right will be asked to send a message to The request is to do so before the product is sent back . 

You are in no way obliged to give a reason for the return. Yet another reason is very appreciated in order to improve the service . 

Unfortunately, special request and customized products can not be returned . 

General information : 

- The Carbon filament light bulbs are very sensitive, go here carefully . 

- The Life of the carbon filament light bulb (not dimmed), about 800 to 1000 hours . 

- The Bulbs are not for residential use, they are intended primarily decorative . 

- There Can be no assurance on the included bulbs . 

Leuke brocante spulletjes uit Valkenswaard. 

Ik heb er een paar leuke artikelen afgenomen zodat die als basis kunnen dienen voor decoratieve lampen . 

Sents & Trends Eindhoven 

For gifts , atmosphere and more ..... 

Beautiful ( unique ) items assortment of various brands . 

What is Nummer34 ?


Nummer 34 workshop is born from the love for old materials and the passion of making with a creative mind : " Crealization "


Nummer34 guarantees qualitative, functional and unique handmade home accessories such as lights and clocks or the two combined.

Preferably old materials and special components are used , called upcycling.


In this way , a large part of the collection exist of items, which exist of one single copy , and  is unable to be copied .

There are also reproducible copies. The availability must be checked .


Be amazed by the creations and for any questions or comments please contact with .

Also for customized works,  Nummer34 is the right place .

KvK-nr : 56990162 

BTW : NL141626586B01 

IBAN : NL66RABO 0115 7453 78